About registration information

I can not log in.
I forgot my password.
I have registered as a member, but I have not received an email.
I would like to stop receiving email newsletters.
I want to change registered information (email address, password, address).
Can I set the shipping address to a different address than the one registered as member information?
Do I need to register as a member?
I want to cancel my membership.
What kind of content will I receive in the email newsletter?
I placed an order without registering as a member, can I still use My Page?

About your order

I don't know how to order?
I placed an order, but I haven't received a confirmation email.
How can I check the details of my order?
Can I add items to my order?
I added it to my cart, but I couldn't purchase it.
Is it no longer possible to buy items that are sold out?
I would like to cancel my order.
I have not used it, but I would like to return it. Can I return it?
Can I return a used product?
When will I receive my ordered product?
Is it possible to make large orders?

About payment methods

Can I change the payment method after placing the order?
Which credit card companies can I use?
What is Shop Pay?
What is Google Pay?
Can I order by phone?
Can you issue a receipt?
I would like to use a coupon
Can you issue a receipt?

About the product

I would like to know more detailed product information.
The color of the product I saw on the website and the product I received is different.
Are the tea leaves domestically produced?
When I dissolve the granules in water, they settle at the bottom of the glass.
What is the expiration date?
How should I store my products?
There was a defective part in the product I received.

About product delivery

When will I receive the product?
I haven't received the item I ordered!
I would like to combine multiple orders into one.
Can I choose the delivery company?
Can you do gift wrapping?
The item was returned due to long absence.
Is it possible to ship overseas?
Is there a shipping charge?

About regular purchases

Please tell me more about the price plan and shipping costs for regular flights.
What kind of products will I receive by regular delivery?
When will my regular delivery arrive?
Can I skip or cancel regular flights?
Can I temporarily change the shipping address for regular mail?
When does the type of tea change?
Can I check my purchase history?
Can I purchase this item at the same time as a single item?


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